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Upcoming Summer Youth Activities

posted Apr 24, 2017, 8:49 PM by John Woltman   [ updated Apr 24, 2017, 8:52 PM ]
Here are some of the exciting youth activities we have planned for 2017!


June 27 - July 2

Join with the youth of Thorndale UMC for a week of camping, music, speakers, seminars, and tons of fun in the beautiful hills of Central PA.


Depart July 8 for Summers County West Virginia to participate in a week of home repair ministry. Youth must be 14 and finished 8th grade.

       COST: $225/youth, $250/adult, + incidental spending money for some meals and snacks.


     Car Wash/Wax - Donation $40
             Saturday, May 20 and Saturday, May 27 - 8AM - NOON
                Call Sandie Kreiss-Schmidt for an appointment (610-888-7840).
                  Drive-ups welcome.
     Sponsorships - sponsor a youth or adult for a day and pray for them as they participate in 
                                this ministry. Cost: $12/day.

     Questions about youth activities? See Sandie Kreiss-Schmidt


 Camping experiences are available at all of our camping sites. Highlighted here are a few at Innabah and Pocono Plateau.  Look for brochures in the Garden Room.

  Register online at innabah.org or www.poconoplateau.org.

Pocono Highlights
  July 2-8: Jr High and Sr High Adventure,  grades 6-9 and 9-12
  July 9-12: Mommy and Me 3-day, for Moms and their children age 3-7.
  July 23-27: Young Children's 5-day for children grades 1-3.
  July 23-29: Children's Pioneer - grades 3-6
                     Junior High main site camp: grades 6-9
  Aug. 6-12: Kid's Camp, grades 3-6
                    Trailblazers (western theme with a day of trail riding): grades 4-7
                    Trailblazers Above and Beyond, grades 7-10 Aug. 11-13:  Family Camp Weekend  During the weeks of July 23, Aug 6, and Aug 11 there will be adult volunteers from Olivet on site at the Plateau.

Innabah Highlights
Grandparents and Me 3-day camps: July 9-11, July 12-14, July 16-18, July 19-21, August 6-8, August 9-11.
Parents and Me 3-day: July 23-25.
There are many more experiences available. Check the brochures in the Garden Room to find the camps that are appealing to you, or go to the Innabah or Pocono websites for more details.

Questions about camp? See Sandie Kreiss-Schmidt, Carol or Chill Kuhn, or Lisa Crane.