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(male intromittent organ in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum

Research interests 

        My main research interests centre on sexual selection and sexual conflict, both at the individual level (e.g. mating behaviour, fitness consequences) and at the population level (reproductive isolation, trait divergence). I have also worked on various facets of sperm competition (e.g. strategic ejaculation), the impact of stressful conditions (elevated temperature, starvation) on reproductive success, consequences of inbreeding, and on mating costs in both sexes. Experimental tests of sexual selection and speciation theory are at the core of my research and I have worked on various insect and spider systems. Rapidly breeding arthropod models are very useful for such purposes and experimental evolution represents a particularly potent research tool for investigating coevolution. Key reproductive traits involved in pre- and postcopulatory sexual selection and the involvement of these traits in causing reproductive barriers are a further primary focus. My research also encompasses the fascinating interactions between bacterial endosymbionts such as Wolbachia and their arthropod hosts. These microbes may act as reproductive parasites and significantly alter host reproduction. Within the above framework, the potential combined impacts of sexual selection/conflict and endosymbionts (and other parasites, e.g. Nosema) on reproductive traits and speciation are a particular focus. 

        My current research is aimed at addressing how sexual selection/conflict affect biodiversity by driving reproductive isolation or increasing the likelihood of extinction (a research area that generates constant interest and debate). We are also investigating how environmental change (e.g. elevated temperatures) affects the above coevolutionary processes and further impacts directly on individual and population fitness. Although the effects of the above processes are all theoretically well-founded, their importance remains highly controversial, mainly because direct empirical support is rare. The above issues have mainly been investigated thanks to Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) funding (three grants 2008 to 2013: SNF Ambizione 'Evolutionary conflicts and their impact on speciation'; SNF Ambizione follow-up grant; SNF standard research grant 'Sexual selection, environmental change & the risk of extinction').


Peer-reviewed research articles or reviews unless otherwise specified in [...]. Press on journal names to link to paper (if subscribed) or request reprints via email. Some articles are  OPEN ACCESS or FREE to access.


67. Moiron, M., L. Winkler, O.Y. Martin & T. Janicke (2022) Sexual selection moderates heat stress response in males and females. Functional Ecology, 36: 3096-3106. OPEN ACCESS; plain language summary -> article covered in research highlight in Nature Climate Change: Heated Beetles by Tegan Armarego-Marriott

66. Guillet, C., O.Y. Martin, C. Meincke, L. Joerg & P. Schmid-Grendelmeier (2022) Part II: Insect allergies — Inhalation and ingestion. Allergo Journal International, 31: 257-265. OPEN ACCESS

65. Guillet, C., O.Y. Martin, C. Meincke, L. Joerg & P. Schmid-Grendelmeier (2022) Part I: Insect stings and bites —Beyond the realm of bee and wasp allergies. Allergo Journal International,  31: 183-193. OPEN ACCESS

64. Travers Cook, T.J., C. Skirgaila, O.Y. Martin & C.C. Buser (2022). Infection by dsRNA viruses is associated with enhanced sporulation efficiency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Ecology & Evolution, 12: e8558. DOI: 10.10002/ece3.8558 OPEN ACCESS

63. Lachat, T. & O.Y. Martin (2021). Five years of Alpine Entomology, the international journal on mountain insects. Alpine Entomology, 5: 123-124. DOI: 10.3897/alpento.5.78033 [editorial] OPEN ACCESS

62. Demont, M., P.I. Ward, W.U. Blanckenhorn, S. Lüpold, O.Y. Martin & L.F. Bussière (2021). How biases in sperm storage relate to sperm use during oviposition in female yellow dung flies. Behavioral Ecology, 32: 756-768. DOI: 10.1093/beheco/arab026

61. Buser, C.C., J. Jokela & O.Y. Martin (2021). Scent of a killer: How could killer yeast boost its dispersal? Ecology & Evolution, 11: 5809-5814. DOI: 10.10002/ece3.7534 OPEN ACCESS

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58. Binetruy, F., X. Bailly, C. Chevillon, O.Y. Martin, M.V. Bernasconi & O. Duron (2019). Phylogenetics of the Spiroplasma ixodetis endosymbiont reveals past transfers between ticks and other arthropods. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, 10: 575-584. DOI:10.1016/j.ttbdis.2019.02.001

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54. Godwin, J.L., R. Vasudeva, Ł. Michalczyk, O.Y. Martin, A.J. Lumley, T. Chapman & M.J.G. Gage (2017). Experimental evolution reveals that sperm competition intensity selects for longer, more costly sperm. Evolution Letters, 1: 102-113. DOI: 10.1002/evl3.13   OPEN ACCESS   

53. Martin, O.Y., Ł. Michalczyk, A.L. Millard, B.C. Emerson & M.J.G. Gage (2017). Lack of support for Rensch’s rule in an intraspecific test using red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) populations. Insect Science, 24: 133-140. DOI: 10.1111/1744-7917.12272

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02. "What Is Paleolithic Art?: Cave Paintings and the Dawn of Human Creativity" by Jean Clottes. Translated by O.Y. Martin & R.D. Martin. University Of Chicago Press (April 12, 2016)  LINK

review by Jill Cook in Nature, review by Steven Mithen in New Scientist, mentioned in Chicago Tribune, reviews in Minerva Magazine UK and Choice Connect

01. "Wattana - An Orangutan in Paris" by Chris Herzfeld. Translated by O.Y. Martin & R.D. Martin. University Of Chicago Press (May 2, 2016)  LINK

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    Animal Behaviour Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing 2013

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    (research topic "The ecological and evolutionary consequences of parasitic infections through alterations of host behaviour")

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    - SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation)

    Scientific journals (70 different journals): 

African Zoology - Agricultural and Forest Entomology - Alpine Entomology - American Naturalist - Animal Behaviour - Archives of Insect Biochemistry & Physiology - Behavioral Ecology - Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology - Behaviour - Behavioural Processes - Biological Journal of the Linnean Society - Biological Reviews - Biology Letters - BMC Evolutionary Biology - BMC Zoology - Bulletin of Entomological Research - Canadian Entomologist - Canadian Journal of Zoology - Current Biology - Current Zoology - Ecological Entomology - Ecology and Evolution - Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata - Entomological News - Entomological Science - Ethology - Ethology, Ecology & Evolution - European Journal of Entomology - Evolution - Evolutionary Ecology - Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution - Functional Ecology - Functional & Integrative Genomics - Global Change Biology - Heredity - Insect Science - Journal of Arachnology - Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology - Journal of Ethology - Journal of Evolutionary Biology - Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative Physiology - Journal of Heredity - Journal of Insect Behavior - Journal of Insect Conservation - Journal of Insect Physiology - Journal of Insect Science - Journal of Invertebrate Pathology - Journal of Pest Science - Journal of the Royal Society Interface - Journal of Thermal Biology - Journal of Zoology (London) - LWT-Food Science & Technology - Methods in Ecology & Evolution - Microbial Ecology - Molecular Ecology - The Science of Nature / Naturwissenschaften - Oecologia - PeerJ - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B, Biological Sciences - Physiological Entomology - PLoS Biology - PLoS One - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of India, Section B, Biological Sciences - Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, Biological Sciences - Quarterly Review of Biology - Scientific Reports - Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society - Zoology - Zoosystematics and Evolution

    Other activities as reviewer/evaluator:

    - Fachexperte Schweizer Jugend Forscht, Nationaler Wettbewerb 2020, incl. Workshop in Bern, January 2020    

    - Fachexperte Schweizer Jugend Forscht, Nationaler Wettbewerb 2019, incl. Workshop in Bern, January 2019 & Finale in Rapperswil, May 2019

    - talk evaluator, Biology19 conference; Zurich, February 2019

    - member of D-BIOL Symposium poster prize committee; Davos, June 2018

    - reviewer for book chapter in book "Cryptic Female Choice in Arthropods - Patterns, Mechanisms and Prospects" (Springer), June 2014

    Other activities (conferences, outreach, etc.):

    -> organized 2023 at ETH Zurich (3rd & 4th March 2023)

    -> co-organized 2022 with the Museo cantonale di storia naturale in Lugano (20th-21st May 2022)

-> organized 2021 via Zoom (5th March 2021)

-> organized EXPERIMENTAL EVOLUTION SYMPOSIUM at ETH (10th June 2013)

    - Designated ETH discussion partner for pupil presenting a poster at the ‘Ausstellung Maturarbeiten aus Mathematik, Naturwissenschaft oder Technik’; ETH Zürich, May 2011.

    - Session chair symposium on ‘Species evolution and survival in changing environments’ at the GfÖ 40th Anniversary Meeting: The Future of Biodiversity; Giessen, Germany, September 2010.

    - Helper exhibition „Auf welchem Ast sitzen wir? Der Baum des Lebens: Vielfalt und Einheit“ (part of the activities around Darwin 200); Hauptbahnhof / Rail City in Zurich, September 2009. 

    - Postdoc/RCUK academic fellow member of the Institute of Biology (London) policy consultation list 2007 - 2008.

    - Co-organiser and session chair, ASAB Easter Meeting; University of East Anglia, Norwich, April 2005.

    - Assistance ISBE congress; Zurich, August 2000.

    - Part of the of “Touch table” team at Zurich Zoo, 1999-2002 (interaction with the public, displaying and explaining various materials for the big cats, elephant or reptiles & amphibians tables) 

Group members 

current students:

Bachelor D-USYS:

* Jill BARBIER (lab-based, 2021 ETH D-USYS

* Lea JOHNER (field & lab-based, 2022 ETH Interdiszipl.

former group members:

Christina SKIRGAILA, MSc student 2020-2021, 'Attracted by a Killer: Do Viruses Influence Host Attractiveness and Sexual Reproduction Rate?' (lab-based, ETH D-BIOL, with Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Ramon DALLO, MSc student 2018-2019, 'The Frequency and Consequences of L-A and M Satellite Killer Viruses Infecting Yeast in Switzerland.' (lab-based, with Claudia BUSER + Jukka JOKELA, EAWAG) 

Franziska SCHILLING, MSc student 2015 - 2016, 'Is there a trade-off between sexual selection and external immune defence in experimentally evolved Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)?' (with Daniel ANGST, Theoretical Biology, ETH)

Daniel BOSSHARD, MSc student 2013 - 2014, ETH, 'Effects of temperature and starvation on survival and reproductive success in Tribolium castaneum' (lab-based, as sole supervisor)

Courtney MAGUIRE, visiting student (North Carolina State University) 2013 

Dr. Sonja SBILORDO, Research Associate 2009 - 2013; funded via SNF project 'Evolutionary Conflicts and their impact on speciation' Publications -> now @ IEU, Univ. Zurich

Dr. Vera GRAZER, PhD student 2009 - 2013; funded via SNF project 'Sexual selection, environmental change & the risk of extinction' Publications (+ presentations, media coverage)

Dr. Sandra HANGARTNER, Research Associate 2011; funded via SNF project 'Evolutionary Conflicts and their impact on speciation' Publications (+ presentations) -> now @ PEARG, Univ. Melbourne

Dr. Marco DEMONT, Research Associate 2010 - 2011; funded via SNF project 'Sexual selection, environmental change & the risk of extinction' Publications

Student projects / lab experience 2010 - 

(mostly ETH students from D-BIOL or D-USYS)

Janika ANGST, 'Fungal diversity in spontaneous wine fermentation. ' (lab-based, 2020-2021 ETH, main supervisor Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Valerie BACHMANN 'Infantizid und sexuelle Selektion.' (literature-based, 2019 ETH) 

Rahel BRÜHLMANN 'Vielfältige Wege, wie Parasiten ihre Wirte manipulieren Teil I: Verhaltensmanipulation' (literature-based, 2018 ETH) 

Raymo BUCHER 'Thanatosis in Tribolium brevicornis.' (lab-based research project, 2020-2021 ETH D-BIOL

Elena BURRI 'The influence of natural and sexual selection on speciation in Tribolium castaneum.' (lab-based, 2011-2012 ETH) 

Alexandre COTTIER 'Sexual Selection and Bateman's Rule' (literature-based, 2019 ETH)

" - A. Cottier: 'Investigating the potential for sexual selection in the Tribolium castaneum male.' (lab-based bachelor project 2019-2020, with Tim JANICKE, Montpellier & Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Ramon DALLO, 'Effect of copulation on longevity in the male black scavenger fly Sepsis punctum and Saltella sphondylii (Diptera: Sepsidae) across different environments.' (lab-based research project, 2017-2018 ETH D-BIOL; with Patrick ROHNER & Wolf BLANCKENHORN, UZH) 

Melina EISENRING, 'Mate choice experiments in regards to genetically induced sterility in male mice.' project student 2021 (lab-based, ETH D-BIOL, main supervisor Anna LINDHOLM, UZH) 

Anna FELLER, 'Mating observations of Tribolium brevicornis and influence of age on their reproductive sucess.'  2021 (lab-based, ETH D-USYS, sole supervisor) 

Eva FÖLLER 'Quagga-Muschel in der Schweiz: Verbreitung, Auswirkungen und Eindämmung.' (Bachelorarbeit, lab-based -> literature-based, 2020 ETH D-USYS with Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Manuel FREI 'Does experimental removal of sexual conflict influence parasite resistance in Tribolium castaneum?' (lab-based, -2014 ETH) 

Florence GILLIERON, project student 2019, 'Influence of killer yeast diet on the fitness of different Drosophila species.' (lab-based, with Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Ludivine GRANDJEAN 'Impact of climate change on insect populations: winners or losers?' (literature-based, 2011-2012 ETH) 

Nora GRUNDMANN (lab experience, 2014 ETH) 

Kristina HERZ 'Evolution of polyandry: why does polyandry occur?' (literature-based, 2010-2011 ETH) 

Lea HUBER 'Analysis of uniparental markers from human groups of the North coast of Peru.' MSc student 2022 (lab-based, as examiner with Michael KRÜTZEN als co-examiner; main supervisor Chiara BARBIERI, UZH

Josephine IMBODEN 'Does BPA show endocrine disrupting effects on aquatic crustaceans' reproduction? ' (literature-based, 2019 ETH) 

Ismael INVERNIZZI 'Wie beeinflussen Sexuelle Selektion und Umweltveränderungen Anpassung und Aussterben von Populationen?' (literature-based, 2019 ETH)

" - I. Invernizzi, 'Population size and distribution of Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus) in Ticino: can bioacoustics help research? ' (2020 ETH D-USYS, field-based in collaboration with Roberto LARDELLI; BirdLife Schweiz & Ficedula) 

Saranhia JANJAROENJIT, MSc student, 'How efficient are acoustics methods to monitor Scops owl populations?' (2021 ETH D-BIOL, with Jean-Nicolas Pradervand, Alain Jacot & Reto Spaar, Vogelwarte Sempach, as examiner with co-examiner Michael Krützen, UZH) 

Emanuel KISSLING 'Eine Analyse der Bestäubungsleistung von Insekten auf die Landwirtschaft anhand des Fallbeispiels Sansibar' (Bachelorarbeit; literature-based, 2020 ETH) 

Gianna LAZZARINI 'How does sexual selection influence adaptation to a new environment?' (lab-based, 2011 ETH) 

Capucine LECHARTRE, 'Phenotypic adaption to stream residency in Arctic Charr' project student 2021 (lab-based, ETH D-BIOL, main supervisor Jakob Brodersen, EAWAG

Maria LLANOS-ROMAN (lab experience, 2012 ETH) 

Cong LY 'Effects of elevated temperatures on cannibalism in Tribolium castaneum.' (Bachelorarbeit, lab-based, 2020-2021 ETH D-USYS) 

Dejan MALCIC 'Effects of systemic LPS exposure on colonization resistance.' MSc student 2021 (lab-based, as co-examiner; main supervisor Wolf-Dietrich HARDT & Annika HAUSMANN, ETH D-BIOL, Microbiology) 

Birte MARTENS 'No evidence for benefits of same-sex copulations in red flour beetles.' Bachelor student 2021 (lab-based, as co-examiner (Zweitgutachter); main supervisor Lennart WINKLER, Institute of Zoology, Technische Universität Dresden) 

Severine MISZAK (lab experience, 2016 ETH) 

Felix NEFF 'The effects of different selection history, the pheromone 4,8-Dimethyldecanal and male virginity on female mate choice in Tribolium castaneum.' (lab-based, 2011 ETH) 

Desirée OBERLI 'The impacts of hunger on cannibalism in Tribolium castaneum.' (lab-based, 2020-2021 ETH D-USYS) 

Franziska PETER 'Mating costs for males: A review focussing on invertebrate taxa.' (literature-based, 2010 ETH) 

-> see Scharf, Peter & Martin (2013), published in Evolutionary Biology

Pablo ROSSI ORTS 'Fermentation, olfaction and speciation: the role of ab3a neuron in the evolutionary history of Drosophila genus.' (bachelor project, lab-based -> literature-based, 2020 ETH D-USYS with Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Felix SADLO 'The role of selfish genetic elements in biocontrol.' (literature-based, 2012-2013 ETH)

Hektor SCHNORF, project student 2020 (lab-based, ETH D-BIOL, with Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Franziska SCHILLING 'Is there a trade-off between sexual selection and immune response in experimentally evolved Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)?' (lab-based, ETH) 

Mélanie SIEGRIST 'Reproductive costs for female dung flies, Sepsis cynipsea, are higher under natural conditions than in the lab.' (lab-based, 2012-2013 ETH) 

Christina SKIRGAILA, 'Interaction and attraction of killer yeast and Drosophilidae and the distribution of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Switzerland.' (lab-based, 2019-2020 ETH, with Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Jeremias STALDER 'Homosexualität im Tierreich.' (literature-based, 2019 ETH)

" - J. Stalder, 'Potential explanations for same-sex sexual behavior in Coleoptera: A Review.' (literature-based bachelor project, 2020 ETH) 

Raphael STÖCKLI 'Vielfältige Wege, wie Parasiten ihre Wirte manipulieren Teil II: Parasitische Pilze.' (literature-based, 2018 ETH D-USYS)

" - R. Stöckli:  'Occurrence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Switzerland and interaction of killer yeasts with Drosophila species.' (lab-based bachelor project 2019-2020, with Claudia BUSER, EAWAG) 

Anne-Catherine STRAUB (lab experience (Schnupperlehre), 2015) 

Gabriel ULRICH 'Genetic architecture of parasitoid counteradaptation to symbiont-conferred resistance.' MSc student 2019 (lab-based, as co-examiner; main supervisor Christoph VORBURGER, EAWAG) 

Larissa VON BUOL (lab experience, 2015 ETH) 

Leonie WALDBURGER 'Sexuelle Selektion, Artbildung und Biodiversität.' (lab-based, Maturaarbeit, Kantonsschule Trogen, Appenzell, 2010) 

Léa ZINSLI, project student 2017, 'Exaggerated forelegs and behavioural analyses in male Drosophila prolongata.' (lab-based, with Stefan LÜPOLD & Jhoniel PERDIGON, UZH) 


    - member of Swiss Entomological Society since 2019

    - member of Entomologische Gesellschaft Zürich (Entomological Society of Zurich) since 2019

    - member of CoEvolution Society since 2013

    - member of ESEB (European Society for Evolutionary Biology) +- since 2007 

    - member of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) from 2004 - ??

    - member of VAUZ (Vereinigung der Assistenten und Assistentinnen der Universität Zürich) 2001-2003

    - member of ASAB (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) since 2000

    - member of ISBE (The International Society for Behavioral Ecology) +- since 2000

    - member of Swiss Zoological Society since 1998

    - member of SANW (Schweizerische Akademie der Naturwissenschaften) since 1998



previously ETH, now Dept. of Zoology, Univ. Oxford - website

Evolutionary rescue in conservation and medicine

-> Alexander et al. (2014) Evolutionary Applications

Dr. Camillo BERENOS

previously ETH, then University of Edinburgh - Google Scholar

Experimental evolution; host-parasite conflict

-> Kerstes et al. (2013) BMC Evolutionary Biology


Entomology, Natur-Museum Luzern - website

Surveys for bacterial symbionts (e.g. Wolbachia) in the Diptera and other groups, e.g.:

-> Martin et al. (2012) Infection, Genetics & Evolution; Martin et al. (2013) Infection, Genetics & Evolution; Martin et al. (2013) Journal of Insect Science

Prof. Sebastian BONHOEFFER

ETH - website

Evolutionary rescue in conservation and medicine

-> Alexander et al. (2014) Evolutionary Applications

Dr. Amanda BRETMAN

School of Biology, University of Leeds - website

-> Fricke et al. (2010) Evolution

Dr. Claudia BUSER

EAWAG - website

Evolutionary Ecology, Drosophila-yeast interactions.

(several ongoing student projects)


Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling - website

-> Fricke et al. (2010) Evolution; Demont et al. (2011) Functional Ecology; Demont et al. (2012) Evolutionary Ecology

Dr. Claudia FRICKE

Animal Evolutionary Ecology, Universität Münster - website

-> Fricke et al. (2010) Evolution; Goodacre et al. (2015) Insect Science


School of Biology, University of Nottingham - website

- Infections with bacterial symbionts (e.g. Wolbachia), particularly in spiders and other arachnids, e.g.:

-> Goodacre et al. (2006) Molecular Ecology; Martin & Goodacre (2009) Journal of Arachnology; Goodacre et al. (2015) Insect Science

- effect of Rickettsia on host dispersal behaviour

-> Goodacre et al. (2009) BMC Biology

- reviews on effects of symbionts on their arthropod hosts

-> Goodacre & Martin (2012) Insects; Goodacre & Martin (2013) chapter in Spider Ecophysiology book


Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionelle et Evolutive (CEFE), Montpellier then University of Sussex - website

- effect of ambient temperature on the strength of sexual selection in Tribolium castaneum

Dr. Guillaume MARTIN

Metapopulation Team, Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution, Montpellier - website

Evolutionary rescue in conservation and medicine

-> Alexander et al. (2014) Evolutionary Applications


Dept. of Zoology, Tel Aviv University - website

various themes, e.g.:

- review of male mating costs in arthropods

-> Scharf, Peter & Martin (2013) Evolutionary Biology

- review on same-sex sexual behaviour in arthropods

-> Scharf & Martin (2013) Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University; now @ University of Houston - website

Tribolium beetles: from left to right, pygmy mutant, wild type and Goliath mutant

Contents © Oliver Martin 2008-2021 (some pictures courtesy of Matt Gage or Marco Demont) 


Current position:

2013 – 

Senior Researcher/Lecturer, Department of Biology, ETH Zürich

Previous career history: 

2008 – 2013

SNF Ambizione group leader (ETH Zürich): 'Evolutionary conflicts and their impact on speciation'. [Ambizione grant + 2-year follow-up grant to O. Y. Martin]

2005 – 2008

NERC-funded Senior Research Associate at the University of East Anglia: 'Sexual selection and reproductive isolation in the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum'. [research grant to M. Gage, B. Emerson & O.Y. Martin]

2003 – 2005 

SNF Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of East Anglia: 'Coevolution of male and female reproductive characters'. [SNF grant + 1-year extension to O. Y. Martin]

2000 – 2003 

PhD Zoology (Zoological Museum of the University of Zürich): 'Sex and Flies: an Investigation of Sexual Conflict in Dung Flies'. With D.J. Hosken & P. I. Ward.

1994 – 1999

Studies in Biology and Diploma in Zoology with secondary subjects Anthropology and Biomathematics (University of Zürich). Diploma thesis: 'The mystacial vibrissae – morphological, functional, systematic and ecological aspects'. With M. Haffner & V. Ziswiler.