Afternoon students participated in different activities that were organized by the english staff and 1104 students  who presented different games and entertainment rooms such as The roulette, Karaoke, numbers game, Youtubers, twister, the grammy, scrambled eggs, jumping rope, rock stars and a stand with the best products of the projects done in class.  finally, the academic community met at the Flags' site in order to raise the flag to share sixth and ninth grades performance. The theme was Love and music from the sixties to XXI century.

These kind of activities performed by students are part of their daily academic development, they tend toward  
leadership and cjhallenge them through different aspects of their life.  On the other hand it is important to foster meaningful learning with actions that engage them in a second language learning. 

Oliverio Lara is one of the 12  focused Institutions by the Natiopnal Bilingual program, though we have to tend to
apply different methodologies that guide students to their english Language Learning. 


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