Walrus and Badger Boy
My Boys:  Walrus (Fatman) and Badger

Walrus: so named as he has fantastic whiskers!


Badger Boy: only 3 weeks old


Badger Boy


Walrus on a shoulder



About to leap from the couch







These beautiful boys arrived in Tassie from their breeder, Brats Tails Rattery in Victoria on Thursday 14th Feb, 2008 (Valentines day!).

Just watching the world go by - Walrus 3rd Aug, 08




King Rat Walrus:  aka (Russ) (so named by Olive my 12 yr old) is simply so sooky and gentle. Still under 6 months but already looks huge. He is a startled rat - he startles easily but is also very smoochy - loves to sit behind my head on the back of the couch underneath my hair.  He is a nice big rex boy - all squishy and warm.  He sniffs everything  - each time I put my hand in the cage he sniffs every finger, in between each finger and then slowly makes his way up my arm.  His favourite place to smooch is under my top under my arm.   Very gentle man he is!

June 2008



Walrus (Russ):  Oh please dont embarass me by holding me like this!

Olive and Walrus in love.....


Just a big bundle of smoochy love

Ooooh..I smell girl rat. ....lucky I did my hair before meeting them




Little Badger Rat (LBR):  Born on 27th Dec to a beautiful mother called Saphira from Brats Tails Rattery in Victoria.  This little man is a sweet, curious affectionate little rat - he loves to be played with- we play running back and forward like a crazy rat.  He 1is already very bonded with Russ - they sleep in an old polar fleece of my daughters.  Badger has fabulous splodgey markings a white body and a little black spot at the base of his tail.   He has a white mouth and is simply adorable.


Badger Boy (not happy at posing for the camera)


3 months old and just gorgeous

Yawning or is that laughing!!


see my poor tail..the tip of it is dead and will eventually fall off - i have to take antibiotics for it....it is not sore anymore

Badger:  I'll just sneak over to the girls cage without them looking

Our house:

Flynn and Walrus on bottom shelf

Bager and New Boy Rat on top shelf


When Flynn is desexed (as he is very aggressive to the smaller rats) they will all live together



Thanks so much to Bronwyn at Brats Tails Rattery who has bred the most beautiful gentle natured rat boys!