Violetta Peach



Violetta Peach 9 weeks


Violet is not really interested in food much although if it has a high sugar content she is into it.  She loves peas and scrambled eggs.  Loves to lick anything from my fingers and will actually crawl right into my mouth if she could. 

Violet has a beautiful lightening stripe down her belly and sweet little front white socks.  She is a very pretty girl but silly as a wheel.







Violetta Peach came to live with us on Dec 27th 2008 at 9 weeks old.  She came from a pet store and was the only black/grey rat there.  She was tiny when we first got her but within 2 weeks she had such a fat tummy that we thought she was pregnant (but isnt that goodness)

She lives with her ?sister Tansy and old girl Chewie.   Tansy and Violet simply are crazy with energy.  Violet doesnt stay still long and it is hard to capture a decent picture.  She is still a little scaredy rat at times and if you move to quickly she flip in the air or jump and run.  She has fuzzy little whiskers that she likes to rub all over your face.  She prefers to sleep alone on the top of her hammock rather than inside with the others.  She drives poor old Chewie mad with her tumbling and jumping.  Chewie tends to ignore her as best as she can.

June 2008

with my housemate Flynn



See how much I grew in 2 weeks - I am 11 weeks here -  no wonder I looked pregnant

I am almost grown up now and my  fur is going browner but I am still beautiful and sexy