Tansy Butterbean 

Arrived:  Dec 27th 2007 at 9 weeks

Little Tansy Butterbean - 9 weeks old   (above and below)

Tansy BB  12 weeks old Jan 15th 2008  "Sneaky Rat" below

Tansy Butterbean came to live with us on the 27th Dec 07 when she was 9 weeks old.  I went to the petstore just out of interest and saw her looking up at me with her pretty markings and that was it!  I was appalled at the pet store that the male rats could climb out of their aquarium to hop in with the girls. They were also climbing onto the floor.   I am usually loathe to support chain pet stores where the employees are friendly and helpful but have little knowledge of rodents.  I also do not want to support a pet store that does not ensure the ethical standards of it's breeders.  However..when I saw this little girl I just couldnt help myself.


Tansy is the name of a flower that is said to be lucky if worn in the shoe.  It is an old gyspy belief.  We think she was very lucky to come home with us.


Tansy was chosen along with Violetta Peach to keep old girl Chewie company as her lifelong friend Lilly died on Xmas Day.  We thought it better for Tansy to have another young female to rough play with rather than harass Chewie.


Tansy is a sweet curious little rat.  She can't stop herself from wanting to look and climb on everything.  She is not a big eater and is very fussy with her food.  She likes to play 'sneaky rat' and hide under the newspaper. 


Goofy Eye Tansy June 2008


March 2008 - almost a grown up