Rodent Rescue Tasmania

I provide Rodent Rescue in Tasmania and am always happy to take in any injured, unwell, pregnant or unwanted rats or mice at any time.   I can take as many as need be.   With or without cage - no questions asked. 


If you feel your rodents are not receiving enough time, attention or you just dont want them anymore I am happy to take them.  I am prepared to take unsociable bitey rats and work patiently to help them be more friendly to human species.  I am also prepared to unwell rodents and give them vetinarian care.  They are all treated regularly for mites, parasite and are wormed.


I either keep my rescue rats or re house them with responsible like minded people.  I never breed rescue rats. Each rat will be housed with other housemate unless impossible due to aggression.  I generally desex my male rats to ensure no accidentl litters occur.  All rats are given 'out of the cage' time daily to play and socialise with my family.   They are fed with lab blocks and a grain mix along with yummy treats like fresh fruit and veges daily. 




Please contact me anytime if you need assistance

I am also happy to provide advice if needed (remembering  I am not a professional just a rat lover) 

Contact Rani anytime


03   62235189

0407 564 213