He was THE MAN!! 

I will never love another rat like I loved this man.


My beautiful man came from the RSPCA - he had been relinquised (who could not love this man I don't know).  He was a big boy 480grams!  He was a hooded agouti, with a lovely plush white tummy - a beautiful gentle soul who just loved to have his face scritched and to hop onto my lap and sleep while being rubbed. He was quite happy to hop up onto the sofa and curl up and sleep amongst all the noise.    Not a fast rat - one of his favourite pastimes was to run along the edge of the mat where it was curled up - this rubbed his tummy.   He took a few chunks out of my finger when he first arrived when settling in but after that he was very well behaved.  We acquired him in Oct 07, had him desexed in Nov 07 and sadly he died after a short illness on dec 21st, 07.

It was suspected he was much older than the 5 months his previous owners had stated he was.  He was after all going a little grey around the nose!  One day he seemed unwell - lethargic and puffing.  We saw the vet and he commenced on Baytril but was worse the next day - he then commenced on Tribrisson (another antibiotic).   He would only eat tiny amounts of his favourite foods:  avocado, mango, dark chocolate and only if I put them up to his mouth.

A few days before he died I took his little water dish to him (as I has to do in the last few days) and he picked it up in his mouth and threw it away from him.  After a visit to a different vet he perked up when I discussed euthanasia.  A few days later he became worse..I went and talked to him the night before he died and told him it was ok to go...that he needed a rest and that he could let go.  I made him a special bed with his favourite pink rug on the floor of the cage. I didnt expect him to be alive in the morning.

My poor old man - the next morning at 630am - when I was due at work at 7am - I went to see him - he was floppy, incontinent and tried to walk to me but couldnt - falling over and breathing hard.    I rung the vet to take him to be PTS, wrapped him up in his favourite ruggy and held him to my chest.  On the way to the vet he died in my arms while I scritched his face.  I stroked his tail after he died while I cried - it was my favourite part of him.   I sobbed all day at work - had swollen red eyes and most of my colleagues were very sympathetic.

We took him to my fathers house in the bush and buried him with flowers and fir fronds.  We put a big rat rock over the top.  My children go to the Rat Rock to talk to him (so do I).

We were lucky to have him for a short time and we think he was lucky to come to a loving rat home for his last days.  I just loved him so much - more than I thought possible to love a rat.

Fatboy Ratboy Dundee is now breathing easy - running along the edges of a never ending rug and enjoying unlimited avocado and mango.  My eyes still fill with tears when I think of how brave he was...he was my beautiful big man.  I miss him so much.  Breathe easy now beautiful man...over the rainbow bridge



 RIP Fatboy Ratboy Dundee (21 Dec, 2007)