Orphan Babies
7 baby rats came to live with us on March 9th, 2008 



 10 DAYS OLD ??


These little babies were nesting under a chook shed and found by a dog.  The dog owner contacted me via Freecycle to see if I was interested in taking them on.  She had cared for them so well - hand feeding them and keeping them warm. Luckily for me she is not a rat lover so they have come to me.




We have 3 black babies and 4 brown babies.  One brown baby is larger than the rest and crawls about.  Their eyes are not open yet however they are crawling and well furred.  I am finding it hard to sex them at the moment.  I estimate they are around 10 days old.



I am hand feeding them with neonate soy formula with a syringe and a soft feeding tube which they are able to suck on.  After I feed each one I stroke their little bellies to help them digest.  They are pooping and peeing which is a good sign.  They are able to keep themselves warm and will live in my bedroom until they are older.



They are not native rats and are most likely the Black Rat species.

I did have a surrogate mother lined up but this would have been risky as if they are a different species (pet rats are generally Brown Rat Species) then the surrogate may have eaten the babies.



At this stage I am just getting them through the baby stage to see how they adapt to being domesticated however I am not hopeful that they will become tame enough to be pets.  I will cross that hurdle when I get to it!