Above:  from left- Snowman, Chirp (half bald), big TInk, Fuzzbutt and Meg (hairless)


Gorgeous 'mini guinea pig' Fuzzbutt

 Fuzzbutt in March 0 8 with the Fat Gene

Beautiful Ladylike Meg


Tiny Tips and Tink Dec 07

I have had a variety of mice in the past year or are the ones I still have.


Snowman:  actually a woman - had 2 accidental litters and is a wonderful motherly rat - gentle and tame and BIG.

Tink:  our first ever mouse - very slow, makes a sweet chirping, vibrating, clicking noise all the time - very hardy and passive - has a funny little pointy shaped nose.  Not long for the world. Likes to sleep on the edge of her food bowl and rocks back and forward making a little squeaky noise. (died in her home Jan 2008)

Chirp:   Lovely Chirp (sadly died in Jan 08) - not really a mouse who is into humans - had one accidental litter of beautiful babies.  Since that time she slowly lost all her fur -she scratched it off - we tried everything, no mites, change of diet, bedding...a steroid injection worked well but it was a one off.  Happy little half bald soul she was.

Fuzzbutt: Couldnt resist this little girl - she looks like a mini Guinea Pig - has the funny fur and a little quiff down the centre of her face.  She has some very long fine hairs that grow straight up from the base of her tail.  She is a tortoiseshell colour.

Moo:  Nasty little Moo - Alpha Rat girl - bites all the others, runs in the wheel incessantly - pretty white with light grey splodges over her body and face.  Not sweet or kind but gutsy.

Pem: Sleek beautiful black girl with a white mark on her butt.  She is also an alpha girl but not as aggressive as Moo.  We still have to separate Moo and Pem in their own cage to keep them from attacking the other girls. (PTS April 26th 2008 - 18 months due to terrible scratching of both eyes, ears and back)

Meg: Named after the witch in the "Meg and Mog" books.  Meg is hairless - totally beautiful and gentle.  Has lovely big ears.  her body temperature is higher than a furred rat and you can feel her warmth when she sits on your hand.  Bought from the Vic Rat and Mouse Association when they came to the Royal Hobart Show in Oct 2007.

Tiny Tips: Little Teeny Tiny Tips (she has a tip of white on her tail) was rescued from an awful petshop on Dec 27th, 08.  She was so small she was unable to reach the water or food.  We just couldnt leave her there.  Sadly it was the same pet store I found a pinkie laying along in the bedding and when I mentioned to the attendant he simply told me he must have sold its mother.  I took it home and Snowman took her in and fed her but she died 2 days later.

Maisie Mouse:  came to live with us in Feb 2008 from Kimmy.  She is a little feral but sweet.  Fitted in well with the other girls.