Guardians of the Rodents
Here is my family who are all involved in caring for our Rodents








Remy and Olive (Miss Compassion)Below





Lily - Rat Drooler


 I am the Alpha Rat Mummy in our house and do most of the general chores like cleaning and feeding. I cant help myself in acquiring new rodents...I simply love them.  I have been vegetarian for over 20 years and try to make our world a better place for all animals.  I belong to an animal rights group Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania who protest against animal Live Export, Battery Hen Farming, Intensive Farming Methods (Sow Stalls), Duck Hunting and any issues of cruelty which arise in our state.  I work as a Neonatal Intensive Care RN and Midwife and am also studying at Uni. 
Happily in love with my amazing partner Kate - my beautiful girl - but sadly not a rat lover at all!














Remy:  Eldest Child (25) loves Chewie in particular.  Vegetarian. Doesnt like doing anything that remotely resembles cleaning or hard work.  Loves to play with the rats.  Special loving human mother to Tiny Tips. Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse!

Olive Oil:   15 yrs Miss Compassion - loves all animals - committed vegetarian and animal rights campaigner.  Has been seen on the TV News holding up placards in protest against animal cruelty.  Will do anything for the rodents.  Cleans, feeds, plays and helps out with anything.  My special gentle little girl.
















Lily:   (aka Lil the Pill our aged Fox Terrier (12 yrs) who has a special affinity for the rats/mice - sits watching them while the drool pours out her mouth.  She really really really loves them so much she wants to ingest them.  Hence - they do not play together EVER! 
(RIP Old Girl - died 2011)