Re housed rattie approx 18 months old when she arrived with us Nov 2007 (housemate of Chewie)

Lilly loved corn and soy yoghurt




Lilly was a gentle soul - she came to live with us with her lifelong mate Chewie.  They were inseparable.  Lilly was sweet and patient, brave (used to jump off our couch) and inquisitive.  She had very poor eyesight and was often seen on our living room floor weaving her head back and forward (which used to scare some people).  PEW (pink eyed white) rats often have very poor vision and the head weaving helps them to visualise what is in front of them.


Lilly used to jump up out of her home when we walked into the room - she was always the first to want to come out and explore the house.  She used to love roaming all over my computer desktop - sniffing and tasting everything.

Sadly on X Mas Day 2007 Lilly died suddenly when our whole family was present.  We took her to my fathers home in the bush to be buried next to FATBOY RATBOY DUNDEE.  The children lined her grave with flower petals and leaves.  She too has her own Rat rock there which we remember her by.


Favourite Food:  Cream Cheese, soy yoghurt

Favourite Pastime:  lunging off the sofa, head weaving