I no longer own nor breed rats due to developing an allergy but am happy to answer any emails so feel free to contact me!

My name is Serani (Rani), I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and was the proud owner of Ratfinks Rattery.   I LOVE rats!  I used to provide Rodent Rescue in Hobart and was always willing to take in any unwanted rats or mice with or without a cage.   All my rodents lived indoors, had daily roaming time outside their cages, given veterinary care and never ever given away to pet stores or to reptile owners.  All my rats were housed with at least one mate whenever possible. 

Rats are the most beautiful, sweet, inquisitive creatures.  They are gentle, loving and misunderstood!  My first ever rat will always be my favourite - my big fat smoochy scritchy man (RIP Dec 21st 07).  Once you have a pet rat you can never not love them! 

I used to be scared of rats especially their tails however now they are my favourite part! I especially love the grubby looking pigmented tails that look like they have been dragged along in the dirt!



  Enjoy looking at my page, my ratters and mouses.

Feel free to contact me any time for rat/mouse chat!

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Rodent Rescue Tasmania


My beloved Fatboy Ratboy Dundee

(RIP my big beautiful bold man) 

Died Dec 2007