Pickle came to live with me on Sat 12th April 2008 with her life long partner Geronimo after I was contacted by their owner who could no longer keep them.   They were born around July 2007. 





Is a sweet gentle natured boy.  A brown/white hooded boy who was desexed Friday 18th April so he could remain living with his wife Pickle while they were with me.  He did living with his friend Sneak until he was safe from creating more babies.


Geronimo has gone to live in a new home with Jackie and her free roaming rats.  He is her special man and follows her into every room she goes.  He is quite possibly in love with her!!




Is a small hooded beige and white little girl.  She is only 250grams.  She has had repeated litters as she had previously lived with her partner Geronimo continously.  She has had 1 previous successful litter but all others had died or been rejected.

Unfortunately she was around 21 days pregnant when I collected her and she had a huge belly.


She gave birth on Thursday 17th April 08 to 5 living fuzzlets and a few hours later another 2 large dead babies.  She required assistance with birthing another large baby who was stuck in the birth canal dead.  Later that day she birthed another very large dead baby.


All her babies have found new homes but she is going to stay living with me - she needs a nice quiet happy life after so many litters so young.


She is very sweet, very soft to touch and very inquisitive.  She likes to explore ears!




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