Litters and Adoptions:


All rats are to be adopted in same sex pairs unless desexed or going to a home to be housed with other rats.  Rats will not be given to homes for breeding or for reptile food breeding. Live Feeding is considered cruel and a terrified rat can cause lethal injuries to reptiles.  All rats are treated with product for mites/parasites/worms which is also toxic to reptiles. 

All potential owners must be prepared to demonstrate adequate provision of housing and rat care knowledge.


I will ALWAYS take rats back with no questions asked if owners can no longer keep them.  I am always happy to provide advice with any concerns.

JULY 2008:

Reggie and Roy are sweet little rats - two brothers - who were rehoused from a lovely home in Sydney when their owner couldn't keep them.  They are around 4 months old.  They are available for adoption preferably together but may be considered separately if they are going to home with other rats.  They are well and healthy.

They are quite tame - love to snuggle up and love nutella.

Reggie has straighter back markings while Roy has a slodge though is stripe.

I would prefer to have them desexed prior to re housing.


Click here for pics:  Reggie & Roy











Mother Pickle (staying), Father Geronimo and 4 babies.




Father:  Geronimo

Mother:  Pickle


Born:  April 17th, 2008

All babies are treated with anti parasite/mite/worm product prior to being adopted out.


Mother:   Pickle (staying)

Father: Geronimo (desexed) living with Jackie!


Sat April 19th 2008:  2 days old





Baby 1  male

(died unexpectantly at 3 weeks old)

Baby 2 female

(died unexpectantly at 3 weeks unknown cause)

Baby 3 female 'Tango'

new home with Suzie

Baby 4 'Misae'

new home with Narelle

Baby 5 female 'Cheyanne'

new home with Narelle