July 08 - 9 months




Flynn came to live with us when 3- 4 months old in Feb 23rd 2008.  He is a sweet natured and very tame little man - a little timid around other rats but very inquisitive with humans.


He is a lovely Apricot colour with a lighter face.  He has deep ruby coloured eyes.  Flynn shares his house with his girlfriends, Pickle, Violet and Tansy.


He was desexed April 10th, 08.

He is very protective and territorial of his house and sometimes like to take a chunk out of my finger if I don't respect his space!



This is me in June 2008 - I am a big rat now!


I love my hammock



Sleepy rat Flynn - Im a big boy now - March 30, 2008

With my housemate Badger