Chickpea and Sugar
Arrived to live with us in Oct 07 - moved to greener pastures with Sarah in Dec 07.

Beautiful sweet Sugar

Chickpea looks remarkably like a seal! She is so sleek

Chickpea (originally called Scudders) and Sugar came to live with us after their owners son lost interest in them.  They too were cared for beautifully by their previous owner but she felt they needed more attention.

I am not sure of their ages - one definitely older than the other but I cannot remember which.  Both lovely girls - very scampery and very very tame.  Liked to sit on my shoulder and roam around the house.  Never bitey - both loved food.  Spent alot of time scurrying around the living room and running back and forward along the back of the couch.

Sugar and Chickpea were rehoused with their new owner, Sarah, from up north as she desperately wanted some babies of her own but couldnt find a breeder or rescues in northern Tassie.  She didnt want to have a pet store rats because of the problems they have.   She still sends me pics of them, all their new toys and is a wonderful rat mother and they are lucky to have her.  She also makes great rat hammocks!