Chewie  (died April 1, 2008)
Re housed rattie approx 18 months old when she arrived with us Nov 2007



Darling Chewie fast asleep

Chewie came to live with me with her life long housemate Lilly a PEW.  Chewie and Lily had been beautifully taken care of by their previous owners but as their son had grown up he no longer had time for his rats.  They were so bonded.  It was difficult to tell who was the alpha girl as they were both loving and sweet to each other.

Sadly Lilly died on Xmas Day 2007 and Chewie has two new housemates, Tansy Butterbean and Violetta Peach who arrived on Dec 27th, 2007.  Since she has her two new housemates Chewie has become rather protective with her food and has turned from a sleek slim line girl into a fat rat!  She has a big fat belly and has taken to gently biting anyone who goes near her food.


Chewie had a tumour removed in Jan 2008 and sailed through her operation with no problems at all. 


Favourite Food:  corn on the cob, peas, almonds, raisins

Favourite Pastime:  sleeping and eating, dunking in water for frozen peas.

March 30,  2008

Chewie had her tail bitten by a large feral rat through the bars of the cage.  She has been on antibiotics since this time and ended up needing a partial tail amputation which she had at the end of March.   She has done very well but is now unwell again as the other areas on her tail that were bitten have broken down exposing bone and tendon.  She is sore and unwell - breathing hard and not her usual self. 

We  went to the vet but he said she was in too poor a condition for a tail amputation and general anaesthetic.  So we tried her on a new type of antibiotic. 

On April 1st after work I came home and put her in with her friends Tansy and Violet..she curled up with them in a sleeve of an old jumper.  When she tried to get out she fell and couldnt walk properly.  She had a slight head tilt.

I think she had a stroke.  She could not settle down and was confused and disorientated.   I rang the after hours locum vet for her to be PTS.

At the surgery he suggested that he give her an injection into her liver to put her to sleep.  I refused and insisted that she have gas first so she fell asleep and was anaesthetised to ensure she wouldnt feel the needle.

She was hiding up my cardigan sleeve.  We tried to give her the gas up there but it was impossible so I laid her down and she fell into a deep sleep with the gas.  He gave her the injection and left the room while i wrapped her up in her old jumper and cuddled her and stroked her nose.

She simply stopped breathing while I cried all over her.  She died peacefully and quietly with me.  It made my heart break.

When I took her home I unwrapped her to stroke her all over...I then could see how big her mammary tumour was on her lower was huge.  What I didnt realise was how big the tumour was sitting under the side of her neck.

Her tail was terrible...When I moved it a lot of thick oozing pus came out which was tunnelling up her tail. She must have felt so yukky.  Her beautiful beautiful tail.....she didnt deserve that.  I looked at her little paws and little feet...she was so beautiful...her lovely big brown eyes...I loved her.

I buried her at my Dads house in the bush with fir tree fronds.  She too has a big rat rock over the top.  She is resting next to my beautiful old boy Fatboy and her lifelong friend Lilly.

Roam freely little Chew Chew...over the Rainbow Bridge....






Chewie's sore tail.

Mammary tumour in middle pic near back leg