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Getting the best out of everyone involved protects your business, the value of your investment  and your resilience programme. Making sure that staff know what they are doing in a safe learning environment is key to  giving you the assurance that your business has the right experience, knowledge and understanding - exactly when it is called for.

Each of our training courses are individually crafted to the needs, objectives and culture of each client and our experience means that you gain expert assistance to maximum the value and minimise your investment.

Oliver & Company have an extensive range of training courses designed to meet all levels of experience and complexity.

  • Crisis Management 
  • Senior Management Training
  • Continuity Practitioner Training & Professional Qualifications
  • Incident Management
  • Business Continuity Deployment
  • Media Management & Communications
  • Emergency Response
  • Support Services 
  • Technology Recovery
All our courses are enhanced by the real life expertise of our teams and designed to be realistic to all the participants. They add value to every organisation with interactive sessions designed to encourage participation and enjoyment - a key learning factor.

In addition to this we offer highly skilled professional courses for the practitioner, followed by exams and professional qualifications from some of the world's leading resilience organisations. Senior management and crisis commanders are also invited to participate in our bespoke training suited to the exact culture and fit of your organisation.