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Caulking putty made from newspaper

To stop drafts from coming in through cracks in the wall, you can make a putty from newspaper.

You need:


white glue


a waterproof container

a cloth or some fabric


How to make:

1. RIp the newspaper into small pieces. Put it in a bucket or other container and soak in water until you have a thick, pulpy mixture. (The photo shows the mixture made from one sheet of newspaper)

2. Drain the water. You can drain it through some fabric first, then squeeze as much water as possible out by hand.

3. Mix well with white glue (about twice as much as shown in the photo). Press the mixture into the crack or opening until it fills it.


The last photo shows an example of a wide gap filled with the putty.



Let the putty air dry on its own. It takes quite a while, but if you try to speed it up by using something like a hair dryer, the putty will start to fall apart.


Only use this for basic caulking and repair jobs. The putty is not very strong, and can not be used to reinforce a damaged wall.


The putty will not keep for long, so only make it when you plan to use it.


The container you use to soak the newspaper will get dirty from the ink. Line your container with a plastic bag or use a container that you don't mind getting dirty.


The putty won't work well if spread thinly.