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Making spoons out of plastic bottles.

This gives you an instruction on how to make spoons from 500ml plastic bottles. It is reusable if washed.

Required tools: 

Plastic bottles, scissors or cutting knifes

Round shaped bottles (e.g. Those of carbonated drinks) are especially suitable to make good spoons.

  The instruction below corresponds to the diagram.

1. Collect 500ml plastic bottles.
    Round shaped bottles (e.g. Those with carbonated drinks inside) are preferrable.

2. Roundly cut around the cap.

3. Cut out in the shape of spoon, utilizing the curves of the bottle.

From front. From side.

4. Bend along the dotted line in diagram. Several spoons can be made out of one plastic bottle.

NOSIGNER office,
Mar 15, 2011, 9:07 PM