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Announcement from TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company: ATTENTION!! Fraud is reported by people pretending to be TEPCO employees.)

At this point (March 13th), we are short of energy in Kanto area in addition to Touhoku area. We are posting here several tips to save energy.

=== Basic rules to save energy

2011-03-12 - 発声練習 より転載

 = Don't overuse electricity. Try to just use personal computers, Internet, radio / TV.

 = It is not good to keep yourself away from information too much.

 = It is better to have some lights on. Living in darkness tends to lead you to injury and / or accidents.

 = You can save energy by sharing. Invite neighbors into your home, so that more people benefit from each light or appliance that is used. It is also a good idea, psychologically, not to isolate yourself in the aftermath of a disaster.

 = Always put priority on the safety of yourself and your family over saving energy. If you are injured, that results in consuming more energy and human resources.

 = If your town has experienced a power blackout for several days and the food in the refrigerator/freezer has spoiled, unplug it! When the power comes back on, the demand caused by every freezer in the region starting all at once can cause new problems for the electricity supply.

Three tips to save energy in winter. ( quote from 3つの工夫でできる冬の電気代の節約 | nanapi[ナナピ] )

- Close curtains to shut coldness from outside.
- Put on one more layer of clothing to keep yourself warm.
- Use kotatsu instead of air conditioner to efficiently keep you warm.