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Feminine Hygiene Napkin

==== Making instant napkins out of things around you ====

=Materials needed
Long sleeve shirt made of cotton
Towels, etc. that absorb water (20×30cm for towels, adjust when necessary)
※Be sure to use clean ones.

=How to make one
Make some reusable pads from the sleeves of a shirt. The shirt will still work as a t-shirt. 

1 - cut 20cm long lengths off the end of the sleeves. 
2 - fill the sleeves with a towel or other absorbant material. The cotton sleeve protects the skin, so the material inside can be something rougher. Be sure to choose something (1) absorbant, and (2) clean.
+alpha - Use packing tape to affix the pad to panties. Waterproof tape can also help prevent leakage in addition to holding the pad in place.

---- How to use it -----
 = The enzyme in saliva helps the removal of blood stains. Rubbing with saliva is preferred before hand washing to save water. 
 = It can be taken apart, so the parts can be disposed or reused
 = Sleeves can be washed and reused many times 
 = As for washing and drying, it is easier and faster to dry in parts
 = The ventilated air condition is important in easier drying, as to temperature of course. 
 = Reuse tapes, clothes, and other materials as many times as possible