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Comforting Mask

Comforting Mask
Comfort yourself with the cozy scent from your everyday life

1. Cut off one of the sleeves of a shirt and fold it over.

2. Cut off the shirttail to make 2 pieces of straps.

3. Put the straps through the folded sleeve (see the diagram below). Tie each strap at the back of your head.

To everyone in the disaster areas,
Living in evacuation shelters is not always comfortable with unaccustomed smells around you.
However, "your cozy scent" is always with you, even though you may not aware of it.
May the scent of this mask ease you, and your children.
Also, drawing some pictures on it would make people around you smile.

A long-sleeved T-shirt (one of your family member's, especially of your mother's, is recommended)