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How to make a Candle with olive oil

How to make a Candle with olive oil




1. A glass (or empty bottle)

2. water

3. olive oil

4. disposable chopsticks (or any small piece of wood)

5. string (kite string, cotton string, or a very thin strip of cotton fabric)




1. Fill the glass about one third with water.

2. Put a layer of about 1-2 cm of olive oil on the water.

3. Cut the disposable chopsticks or wood to a length that will float in the glass.

4. Make a cut in the wood or use the small gap between the disposable chopsticks and wedge the string (cotton strip) into it.

5. Float the wood in the oil and let the string (cotton) absorb oil.

6. Light the wick (string/cotton)


This candle/lamp will burn very brightly and is easy to carry. In Italy, olive oil was originally used as a lamp oil.