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Mouth washing

Mouth washing
Quoted and translated from "Goo Life Recipe"

Refreshing your mouth when toothbrushing is not possible

Well, there are cases when you can't brush your teeth.
Times you weren't able to return home, times you're busy working, times you've noticed that you haven't brushed your teeth after you've left home. Haven't you experienced this?
Here's a tip for refreshing your mouth and keeping your breath in a pleasant condition.
1. Pour salted water into a cup.
2. Put it in your mouth (or, directly put salt in your mouth and then put water in)
3. Rinse your mouth as long as possible (about 1 minute) with salted water.
4. Spit out the salted water, rinse your mouth with fresh water.
This should refresh your mouth pretty much.
Salt helps sterilize your mouth, and make it clean and refreshing.
High salted water works better than low salted water.

Be careful not to drink salted water because you may feel sick.
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