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Cooking Oil Lantern

 - Material
Cooking oil (Burning smell can be avoided with salad oil, but any cooking oil would be available)
Aluminum foil
Tissue papers
A glass cup (Any container would do, but one with a lid is more convenient)
Wooden toothpicks

1. Fold the 3cm wide aluminum foil in half.
2. Fold it vertically in half again.
3. Make a hole with a toothpick.
4. Insert the candlewick.
5. Hold the aluminum around the candlewick.
6. Fold it at a right angle as shown below.
Put the candlewick at the middle of a glass cup. 
7. Fold it at right angles as shown.
8. Put cooking oil to the back side of the foil.
9. When the candlewick absorbs enough oil, light the flame on.
10. Foldback the foil towards the outer side of the cup.
11. Lay the foil on the inner side of the cup.
12. Pour oil to the middle of candlewick holder.

Safe Lantern
When the cup falls down, It is only the oil inside that spills out. The flame will stay in the cup and would not cause fire.
The oil is durable for long hours: about 5g per 3 hours.
The feature of this lantern is on its safely. As the flammable temperature of a cooking oil is 360 degrees celcius,
it is safe as long as the oil is kept to room temperature, even if the cup falls down.
However, keep in mind to fix the cup stable so that the oil would not come out with aluminum foil.
Make sure to prepare the lantern before blackouts.
It is safer to use a jar with a lid (like a jam jar) to avoid spilling.
You can make the lanterns in 2 to 3 minutes. Please try it.

Video instructions available at :
Quoted and translated by "How to make lanterns" in  Tips for disaster prevention by SKB.