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Aluminum can lantern

Making lanterns from aluminum cans.

With a felt-tip pen, draw a shape of an unside-down tulip on the can. Then, cut it out along the shape with a cutting knife.

Use work globes for safety.

1. Fold the M-shaped part inwards.
2. Cut a piece of tissue paper to 5cm wide to make a candlewick with a diameter of 6mm.
3. Wrap aluminum foil around the tissue-paper stick twice, then the candlewick is done.
4. Fix the candlewick between the M-shaped part of a can.
5. Pour cooking oil into the can to a depth of 2cm.
6. When the oil reachs to the top of the paper candlewick, lit the candle.
7. With metal wires attached, the lanterns will be portable.

Quoted and translated from : 200 Useful Techniques in Outdoor Survival