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Make drinkable water

Drinkable water from things around you

When cut off from life supplies, it is difficult to get access to water. 

However if you can get drinking water, your living will become easier until lifelines have recovered and restored.

People of all ages have the necessity to attain the knowledge of how to make drinking water with what is available

Just imagine yourself being in such conditions, and prepare yourself by acquiring the possible ways of making drinking water.

On fine mornings/ Gather drinking water from morning dew

On clear days in the early morning, gather morning dew on leaves.

How to gather them: Wind up a clean cloth (water absorbent material) somewhere below your knee and walk around thick grass, wet with morning dew. wring out the cloth and put the water into a container  

An adult can gather approximately 500ml of water in 30 minutes.

However, you have to keep in mind that this depends on your conditions of injury, sickness, and hunger.

On rainy days/ Gather drinking water from rain

You need to purify rain water, once it touches the ground.

So, when gathering rain water, use containers with wide openings (buckets, pots, washbasins, etc)

Also, if you have materials such as tents, and blue sheets, bind all four corners to near by trees or walls. Loosen the knots to gather water in the dent. This way, you can gather sufficient amount of water for toilet at a time.

If it's after the rain, shake the leaves and branches to drop the water on canvas. This way, you can gather ample water with less energy consumption.

Making drinking water from rain and muddy water 

You can make drinking water from rain, muddy water that have already touched the ground, with a plastic bottle, pebbles, charcoal (ashes from making fire with woods), sand, and a gauze

First, cut the bottom of the bottle and turn the bottle upside-down

Next, fill the bottle in the order; pebbles, charcoal, sand, then gauze. make a small hole in the bottle cap, and pour rain/muddy water in

You can use thin cloth (also woolen yarn, bandanas) as a substitute to gauzes, and tissues instead of bottle caps

The water will be drinkable after 10 min. of boiling to kill germs inside

Making drinking water from snow

It is the easiest to make drinking water out from snow.

Put snow in bowls and pots. when it boils up, it becomes drinking water

When boiling, put a lid (or use aluminum foil) over the container while boiling, so that water will not flow out by vaporizing

Also, take care not to use up all materials for lighting a fire (matches, lighters, etc.). Areas with snow are apt to have severe coldness. 

Caution*** water collected from rain, snow or dew is likely to be contaminated with radioactive material, in the aftermath of a nuclear accident.

BY 防災ナビ