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Water Triage

Ryo Nishikawa / Moriyuki Hagiwara (Kobe Design University)

Problem: Water shortage
Idea: Triage tags for reusing water

We came up with this idea for effective reusing of limited water resources. The water condition is categorized into 3 levels with tags: clean drinking water, water used for daily living, and drain water for toilets.jin: The color of tags specify the water inside; drinking water has all 3 colors of white, black and yellow; undrinkable water like water from river and rain is in 2 colors of yellow and black, white tag cut off.For water fully used to bathe and laundry, cut the yellow tag and the black will only be left. This water will be used for flushing toilets.Cutting tags is a bridging action for the next water reuse. 

sewage and life water : Judged and used by evacuee themselves

drinking water : 

Water triage

Quoted and translated from "INSIGHTOUT"