『放射能で首都圏消滅 誰も知らない震災対策 古長谷 稔』(三五館)



First of all, please calm down.  Please watch the updates on TV carefully.

If you see a mushroom-cloud, white cloud (most likely to contain steam), or continuous cloud forms, there might be a big accident.

Even when mass media does not report it as an accident, you better keep it in mind that it sometimes takes several days to finish the verification process.

【Internal exposure】

If you have breathed radioactivity, it is called internal exposure. So you need to be careful not to breathe air that potentially contains radioactivity.

 If possible, please wear an anti-dust musk, such as DS2, DS3, with no gap between the musk and your face. If children are wearing musks for adults, you need to fill the gap.

Usually radioactivity in the air is in the size of 3 μm, which is one thousands of 3mm.

【External exposure】

You can avoid external radiation by keeping yourself far away from the radioactivity. 

Even when you have radioactivity on the surface of your body, it can be removed by washing it. 

You need to know that these radioactivity particles can come into your body through an open wound. You need to protect your open wound with band aid and eyes with googles.

After a while when the radioactivity has flown in the air, you need to know these radioactivity particles are on the ground. 

【Where to evacuate?】

First thing you should do is to shelter yourself, in other words you need to find a close place to protect you from flowing radioactivity. 

You need to stay there at least 1 week. You need to make the decision after that by looking at the situation outside.

【When evacuating - tip 1】

When hiding yourself in a shelter, you need to first have enough safe water. 
Pour as much water as possible before radioactivity reaches. 

If the water has touched outside air, you need to use activated carbon or water purification system with hollow fiber membrane.

【When evacuating - tip 2】

You should make sure to close all the gaps of the window. Any open gap around the windows must be wrapped with tapes. 

You should NOT use any fire. You better have two separated rooms. One for you to stay. Another for you to wash off all dusts. 

And the whole building should be "Don't enter."

【When evacuating - tip 3】

When staying inside, you also need to turn off the fan. 

When running away from radioactivity by car, you need to make sure AC is off so that you do not get the air from outside.

【When going outside - tip 1】

When it is raining, never touch the rain particles. When the radioactivity particles are flowing in the air, the rain will contain radioactivity. 

The radioactivity will stay in the air for 10 days. So you need to be careful about the rain at least 10 days after the accident. 

Even when it is not raining outside, you should wear a poli-echilen raincoat  and gloves, anti-dust musks, and googles.

【When going outside - tip 2】

If you wore a coat to go outside, you should dispose it when coming back to your shelter. 

Your shoes need to be wrapped with two plastic bags.

【Iodine - 1】

In order to prevent  dysthyroid by radioactive Iodine, you need to saturate the thyroid gland with Iodine.

If you take Iodine tablet (this might be hard to find) or  konbu (one kind of sea weed) , it will help saturate the thyroid gland before you get radiated. 
Even after radiation, these are said to work 50% within three hours after radiation. 

【Iodine - 2】

Food with lots of Iodine.  Konbu (Dried konbu, Tororo Konbu), Dried Wakame, sardine, etc

The most likely symptom of radiation is problem with thyroid gland. 
Young people are especially easily affected.

【Anti-radiation goods】

◯Band aid (To prevent radiation through open wound)


◯Anti-dust musk (If you don't have it, use a wet towel to protect your mouth)

◯Raincoat(with hoods)

◯poli-echilen gloves

◯Plastic bags

◯Tororo Konbum, Iodine tablets

◯Packaging tape, Cling films, 

◯Sands for pets. 


◯If possible a sensor for radiation