Economy-class syndrome(ECS)

Staying for long time in evacuation centers or cars may cause ECS.

There will be a higher risk of getting ECS when you keep the same postures for a long time.

Try moving your body and legs to avoid the risk of ECS.

See the following for further causes, symptoms and prevention to ECS.


Blood clots formed in foot vein flow to your lung and may cause clogging in lung vein.

This is often observed among long distance travelers.

You may get ECS if you have: medical problems in heart or lungs, a tumor, long period of immobility (e.g. being bedridden), obesity, bone fracture, wounds or surgery.

Quated and Translated from: "Katei no Igaku (Family Medical Dictionary)" from JIJI Press Publication Service LTD.


The affected leg or lap starts swelling up. Then, you feel severe pain in your affected calf or thigh. 

Quoted and translated: " For Traveler's Health" from Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, Quarantine Station.

When blood vessels of the lung are widely blocked out, you feel chest pain or breathing problems. Shock symptoms, such as rapid breathing may occur.

Patients after catheterization study or surgery, who have been on bed for a long time have higher risks. Especially, extra attention is need when they go to the toilets.

Quated and Translated: "Katei no Igaku (Family Medical Dictionary)" from JIJI Press Publication Service LTD.


Take adequate water to prevent dehydration. Avoid taking too much alcohol.

Move your legs and body regularly. Taking a short walk or moving your legs and ankles on a chair is recommended.

An example of exercise on a chair : 

1) Tiptoe on the floor and up your heels 

2) Press big toes on each other for 3 seconds.     

3) Put your heels down on the floor and up your toes.

4) Press big toes on each other for 3 seconds. 

Repetition of the above sequence for 10 times will be counted as 1 set. Try 1 set every half hour.

Avoid tight clothes,especially a girdle and corset.

Quoted and Translated: "For Traveler's Health" from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

A leg excise while sitting:

1) Clench your toes.

2) Unclench your toes.

3) Tiptoe on the floor.

4) Up your toes.

5) Hold your knees and rotate your ankles.

6) Massage your calves softly.

Quoted and Translated from Japan Air Lines official website.