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Posting problems in disaster areas

OLIVE is always looking for information of what is needed in the disaster areas.
These Information should be limited to those from evacuees, allowing some exceptions.

Problems for afflicted people

Donation to OLIVE

Everyone in Japan and the whole world is thinking of the afflicted people.
Yet we are unsure how long these thoughts and memories are going to last.
Only we can say is that actual reconstruction would take over years.

Therefore, OLIVE has decided to continue its support at least for 2 years, untill 11 March 2013.
Our support includes: updating/managing useful information as well as hearing the requests from the people who need help.

As of 15 March 2011,
OLIVE is run by as little as 7 members, including those in remote areas.

For sustainable support to the disaster areas, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

You can make a donation via: DONATION FOR OLIVE

We will regularly update the total amount donated.