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Use colors to raise your body temperature

The way to use colors to raise your body temperature is:

Wear clothes with warm colors/hues

That's it.

Warm colors are thought to:

*Have the effect of raising your body temperature 2, 3

*Make time feel shorter.

By color psychologists and color therapists.

The mechanism is-the wavelength of the color red can stimulate the brain, and cause a secretion of adrenaline

(hormones that induce excitement),

this raises your pulse which ⇒raises your body temperature ⇒improves the circulation of blood.

Improving blood circulation can also alleviate symptoms of colds, and poor physical conditions.

It is also effective in healing wounds/cuts.

*To those sending aid:

Try to be conscious of sending clothes with warm colors (especially socks and inner wear)

This is a simple tip, but I hope it will be of use to many.