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Stay warm in cardboard house

You can set up a warm place to sleep, even if you don't have a blanket,
with 4 cardboard boxes.

●Set up the cardboard material as shown above, to create a cardboard house/box large enough for a person to sleep in. 

1.Prepare 4 cardboard boxes.

2.Open up each box, and spread in a rectangle shape.

3.Use two boxes and bend to create a コ shape. Let edges overlap. 
   (Make a square shape large enough for a person to fit inside *Bend the ceiling and flooring slightly. 

4.Use the remainder two cardboard boxes--one for the floor, and one as a roof. 

5.Enter inside face up. If you close the ceiling, the air stays out, and you have completed creating a warm cardboard room. 

(Taken from another magazine)