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Plastic Hot Water Bottle

A 2L pet bottle will become a fine hot water bottle.


Pour hot water of about 60~80 degree celsius to a plastic bottle.

If you can boil water with gas, the poured water should be about 60 degree celcius.

Diagram designed by JIN_Kz


Find a heat-resistant plastic bottle.

Be careful not to burn yourself.

The bottle may distort when pouring the water.

The following is quoted from the link.

Use a heat-resistant, thick plastic bottle with a white sipping tip. (Plastic bottles for Japanese tea are suitable but may not always have white tip.)
●Even if the tips are white, bottles that feel thin or can be easily crushed does not have heat resistance. These weaker bottles are inappropriate for this purpose.
●Plastic bottles that should be avoided:

 Mineral water bottles (especially foreign brands)

 Bottles used for carbonated beverages (e.g. cokes) . They seem to be highly resistant to pressure, but not tolerant to high temperature.

 Bottles used for liquid seasoning

●Check if there are any scratch and misshapen mouth.
●Do not pour hot water over 90 degree celsius
●Close the lid tightly.
●If you find any change in shape, avoid using the bottle and recycle it for other purposes.
●Make sure to renew the bottle constantly.
●Wrap the bottle with a towel for use not to burn yourself

●Before trying, keep the following in mind; this purpose is not supported by the manufacturers; all responsibility on trying this is on you.


2 liter pet bottle


Pot to boil water

Towels and gloves (cotton or rubber)


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