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Basics on protection against cold and hypothermia

Here is one way to naturally protect yourself against the cold.

*Wrap material around your neck to keep in body other words, a scarf. You could also use a towel or crumpled up newspaper.

The parts (highlighted in the picture below) are the body parts that have thick arteries near the surface. In order to let warm blood run slowly throughout your whole body, its important to keep each of these places warm.

If there is someone nearby whose body is cold and is barely conscious....

*It is possible they have hypothermia. When a humans body temperature drops, many body functions stop working. There may also be people who are simply drowsy or over-tired, so let’s leave the accurate judgement to the doctors.

*When there are no doctors’s dangerous to massage their hands and feet. The cold blood from the hands and feet can shock the heart. Calm down first and:

*Rest t heir body.

*If their clothes are wet, change them into dry clothes.

*Warm the 3 places (highlighted in above picture) with yutampo, etc...

*It is hard to recognize any changes in symptoms. Try to contact a doctor or emergency personnel that has first aid knowledge.

Information source: Wife (Hamamatsu City, Junior High Nursing teacher) oldest son (Shizuoka City, Doctor)