How to make skin lotion from a banana

How to make skin lotion from a banana




1 very ripe banana (one that has turned black or is covered in black spots and has become very soft)


shochu (20-25 degree inexpensive shochu is fine)






Leave the skin on the banana and wash it.

Make 7-8 cuts in the skin of the banana.

Make a boat shape with aluminum foil, put the banana in it and roast in an oven or toaster oven for 15 minutes.

Collect the translucent liquid that comes out of the banana and put it into a small container. Let cool.

After the liquid has cooled, mix in an equal amount of shochu.


The lotion will keep for about 1 month, but should be refrigerated in the summer.


How to use


Apply lotion to your face after taking a bath, then use a cotton pad soaked with the lotion to apply a face pack for about 5 minutes.




The banana liquid contains the following: magenesium, zinc, fiber


Magenesium and Zinc increase metabolism in skin cells.

Fiber creates a membrane which helps skin retain moisture.



Apparently, the liquid has quite a strong smell, but using it as a pack makes skin much softer. It can be used all over your body, not just on the face. It is said to be particularly good as a moisturizer.