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Friday September 29 - usability testing

  • Design challenge process introduced
  • Usability testing introduced (an overview of the process from Carolyn Snyder below)
    • Before the users arrive, brief the in-room observers on how to behave, what to watch for, and how to take notes.
    • Greet the users, brief them, obtain their informed consent, and pay them.
    • Escort users to the test room and introduce them to the Computer and any observers.
    • Ask users to introduce themselves and summarize their background.
    • Explain the testing protocol—how to interact with the paper prototype, work together, think aloud, and so on.
    • Facilitate each task, interacting with users as needed.
    • Manage the time spent on each task, covering the areas that are of greatest interest to the observers.
    • (Optional) Facilitate a short Q&A session with the users (and observers, if present) to discuss interesting issues that arose during the session or ask questions not covered by the tasks.
    • End the session on time.
    • Thank the users and escort them out.
    • Debrief the observers—list issues and make changes to the prototype in time for the next test. (This can be done by a core team member instead of the facilitator.)