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Monday September 25 - early-stage prototyping

  • Reading kick-off by team Ubuntu.
  • Where we have been and where we are going?
    • Completed Needs Analysis Phase.
      • No team got it all right.
      • Your team can still update project briefs and consent forms, to have the latest iteration live from that link on your page. They will be the starting point to your project for many.
      • Your Needs Analysis phase report on your webpage is now frozen. Your responses to the verbal and written feedback you receive will be a part of your Design Development Phase report. Part of what you are graded on is how you respond to feedback. People need to see the deltas.  
    • Starting the Design Development Phase.
      • introducing techniques for early-stage prototyping.
      • avoid thinking about the code until later in the process (if your team decides to go beyond front-end software tools such as Invision).
    • see the Design Development Checklist