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TBD December - Final Demos

*if for any reason you are too ill to make it to this important closing session, please make sure that your handouts make it to class. You'll need to notify me prior to the final session starting via email so we don't hold up the schedule.

12:00 - 12:30
  • Team tasks
  • Notice the different room layout, pick a side-wall table for your team
  • Bring in poster boards, set up along your table
  • Put each handout on the table.
    • Put 1 copy of each handout on the projector laptop table.
  • Quick slide show of the HFID to CUED transition
  • Class photo
  • Quick student appreciation for working with us through transitions such as:
    • dedicated studio to shared studio
    • Thanksgiving break midterm to design challenges
    • nested assignment prompts and due dates to checklists
    • web experience focus to multi-interface experience (web/mobile/XR)
  • Grab snacks
  • Ellen arrives with 2 guests (maybe a little after 12:30, we will record presentations for her)
  • Presentations as scheduled
  • Open house demos
  • Clear your team boxes
  • Recycle the materials you don't want to keep for your portfolio
  • Make sure that your self assessment is submitted
  • Take the online course eval before leaving
After 3:00PM
  • You will get Final Refinement feedback by 12/21/16
  • If you think you learned a thing or two, tell your friends to take CUED next Fall