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Thursday December 7 - final demo prep

  • The teaching team will give feedack on your final demo plans and drafts of your individual handouts
Pasting this from the final refinement page for reference to what you're preparing for:

On Tuesday December 13th, your team will give a final presentation about your project as though to your client.  The presentation should make a significant point; it should not merely be a report of all of the things you have done this semester.  Your team will have a slot between 12:30PM and 1:30PM. You will have 8 minutes in front of the class and guests. You will have 4 minutes of Q & A.

The presentation order will be:

 12:30 Gates of the Arctic
 12:42 Death Valley
 12:54 Zion
 1:06 Rainier
 1:18 Badlands

By December 9th, you will have a 4 or 5 one-page (can be double-sided) PDF print outs of final presentation / demo aids that justify key design decisions for the project. Each team member produces their own. At least one interface image should be included, along with the team member's consideration. These can be drawn from the phase write up.

Your presentation will show transitions from user exploration to professional (designer) assessment and from paper prototyping to building an online interface. You will share what you learned about implementing your interface and evaluating it through one or more of the techniques that you have tried.

You should take this opportunity to reflect on where you have been and what you have learned about design. Your team should make the time to have a conversation about this -- perhaps as a part of a design critique a la Scott Berkun's How to Run a Design Critique -- and these thoughts should find their way into your presentation.

From 1:30PM to 2:00PM
Your team will then take your handouts to one of the tables in the room where a laptop has your interactive prototype running. You will engage visitors and classmates as they ask you about your final design and your HFID / CUED experience.