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Design Refinement Checklist

___ 10/23/7 set priorities for an automated (online) prototype that looks-like and works-like what you envision your final interface will be. Someone needs to be able to operate your prototype to experience your interface design.

___ 10/23/17 you are versed in critique vs. generativity and can use evidence from your research to justify your design decisions.

___ 10/26/17 you understand how to perform a cognitive walkthrough 

___ 10/26/17 group does teaming assessment

___ 11/2/17 your group can wireframe a site map.

___ 11/6/17 you have submitted two of your 4 required design challenges

___ 11/9/17 you can perform a heuristic evaluation

___ 11/16/17 you have completed your design refinement phase