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Consent Narrative - 9/11

assigned: Thursday September 7
due: Monday September 11 as a submission to the student work google drive folder >>here<< AND 6 print-out hard copies brought to class by 1:30

Prepare a brief document suitable for sharing with prospective users and interviewees. It should explains who you are, what you are doing, what you want from them, and any risks or benefits to them. It should also provide contact information both for you and for the head faculty of this course (use my [Amon] Olin email address and phone [781-292-2527] number on this form). 

There is good information about consent narratives in Olin's UOCD course materials and you can see some examples of narratives written by previous HFID teams on their project pages.

At the end of Monday's class, your team will provide the hard copies of the consent narrative you completed to another team. The receiving team will bring you written feedback or electronic comments on your google doc by Thursday September 14.

The team pairings are listed below and will be presented in class.

Comics Sans <-> Haettenschweiler
Roboto Light <-> Impact
Jokerman <-> Gotham
Jaapokki <-> Ubuntu