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Alan Cooper The Inmates Are Running the Asylum Book 
Donald Normal The Design of Everyday things Book 
Mike Kuniavsky Observing User Experience: A Practitioner's Guide to User Research Book 
Christina Tran Practical Tips for conducting contextual inquiries Article 
Shelley Helpful Tips to Improve your Contextual Inquiry technique Article 
Mike Kuniavsky Face to Face With Your Users: Running a Nondirected Interview Article 
Mike Kuniavsky Nondirected Interviews: How to Get More Out of Your Research Questions Article 
Karen Holtzblatt and Hugh R. Breyer The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed. Book 
Todd Ellliott Avoiding Half-baked Personas Article 
Everett McKay Personas: Dead yet? Article 
Everett McKay Design scenarios—and how thrilled users ruin them Article 
Scott Berkun How to run a brainstorming meeting Article 
Erika Hall Just Enough Research Book 
Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines Design Guide 
Google Android Design Principles Design Guide 
Google Material Design Design Guide 
Microsoft Windows 10 Design & UI Design Guide 
Amazon Alexa Skills Voice Kit Design Handbook Design Guide 
Matt Sundstrom Immersive Design (AR/VR) Article 
Jonathan Ravasz Design Practices in Virtual Reality Article 
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