Welcome to the Fall 2014 offering of ENGR3220, Human Factors and Interface Design, the Olin Design Depth Course once again desperately in need of a better acronym (but we're becoming fond of this one....) In spring 2008, it was briefly known as TDDCAOCMJTFOSTYVM.

This semester's projects are:

    42 - Improving Brain-Computer Interfaces
    Clark is Superman - Rethinking how people self-checkout at supermarkets
    Death by Hypothermia - Exploring new interfaces for efficient shopping
    I am your Father - Facilitating healthy eating on a budget
    It's People - Making working with 3D printers more straightforward for all
    Mr. Green With the Candlestick in the Lounge - Updating how patients experience physical therapy
    The Real Keyser Soze - Addressing the needs of dining hall users
    The Witch Melts - Helping people view and learn from their LinkedIn networks in new ways


Generally, what's relevant RIGHT NOW is on the appropriate date in the Sessions section of this site (see sidebar).  For a sense of the course overall, see the Course Calendar (with associated Google Calendar coming soon).

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Past archives of this course should be accessible from hfid.olin.edu, including a full archive of past student projects.