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FBE Speaker Series

This spring, as part of FBE/The Entrepreneurial Initiative we've organized a great series of speakers to bring in an up to date real world perspective into the course. These are all Boston area entrepreneurs, CEOs and CTOs speaking from their own personal experiences, beliefs, strategies and war stories. 

Dates: The talks are (almost) all on Thursdays but check the calendar for the occasional exception!
Times: Alternate week by week, either 11:30am or 1:30pm
Where: AC318

While it is part of the class, all are invited!

"An Entrepreneur's Motor": An “Entrepreneur's Motor” consists of a combination of distinguishing qualities, attributes, or traits that are genetically coded, influenced by others or derived from domain expertise or the opportunity. The key characteristics of an Entrepreneur’s Motor are undefeatable, brainy, speedy, aware, sturdy, skilled and full of heart.

"An Engineer in the Real World: What do Fluid Handling, Robotics, X-Rays and CPU Design have in common? Some of the big lessons learned building systems at the intersection of Engineering and Entrepreneurship."

"Vinely: Bill has started 3 successful but very different companies and is working on his fourth. In this talk we'll hear how Bill took the vision for Vinely and built to plan, the pitch and the company."

"From Concept to Cash Register: How we brought a new consumer product to market with little money and even less experience."

  • Feb 28: No class/no speaker.
  • March 7 at 11:30am: Katie Rae - Managing Director of Techstars, Founder of Boston Startup School - Katie's LinkedIn Profile

"Entrepreneurial Path: In this talk I will explore the different paths to entrepreneurship. How do you know when you are on it. How to get on it. When to get off of it. How to surround  yourself with people that will make a difference."

"Full Contact Entrepreneurship: I will discuss my approach to launching startups, which I've evolved over the last two decades and share the lessons he’s learned -- both the good and the painful – and why people and company culture are as essential to success as the idea and the financing. What does it takes to be a founder? How does the VC financing process work? And what is the value of being being mission-driven."

From Design > Internet > Environmental Entrepreneur: In this talk I'll share the arc of my career starting as a graphic designer and then applying design thinking to big new technology challenges/opportunities. How to compete by innovating;  customer-centered product development; applying what you know to ideas that matter.

Important lessons learned along my path - what matters, what's important, how you learn along the way

An Accidental Entrepreneur:  Karen Macumber has traveled down a not-so-straight path to technology entrepreneurship.  She’ll talk about the lessons learned as her career evolved -- from an archaeeologist at the Smithsonian, to becoming the first director of marketing at, and now as CEO of Lifeables, her second start-up,.

"You are your business. Your business is you. Jobs change, leaders change, and circumstances change. Friends and loved ones change. Markets change. Accidents happen, complexity happens, companies get acquired, businesses get sold, and people come and go throughout our lives. No matter what else happens, through all that change, across all those years, you are the common denominator of your own career. You own your career. If your career were a company, how well would it be doing? For your career, you are the Chief Executive Officer, the primary investor, the major beneficiary, and the ultimate customer. You are a company of one."

VC 101 and more importantly, are they all evil?: I will talk about how the venture capital world really works as seen from the inside. We will explore some important things that entrepreneurs need to know and understand as they consider meeting with and working with a Venture Capitalist -- and how to spot the good ones (vs. the evil ones)