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                                         February 1st   (Friday)   



SONG: unit 5C 

1-Read the song. Click on the underlined words to know its meaning. Look up the rest of the words you don´t know in this dictionary.

2-Listen to the song; click on the image of the video. Pay attention to the lyrics while you listen.

Are the words in bold right or wrong? Write on a separate piece of paper the correct word for each line 

3- Check your answers by clicking on the "KEY" at the bottom



     Dancing Queen 

1- You can sing, you can jive

2- Having the time of your day

3-Watch that girl, watch that scene,

4-Dig in the Dancing Queen

5-Monday night and the lights are low

6-Looking out for a place to go

7-Where they play the right songs

8-Anything in the  swing

9-You come to look for aboyfriend

10-Anybody could be thatguy

11-The night is young and the music´s low

12-With a bit of rock music , everything is great

13-You´re in the mood for a beer

14-And when you get the chance

15-You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet,

16-only sixteen

17-Dancing Queen, feel the beat

18-from the tambourine, oh yeah

19-You can sing, you can jive,

20-Having the time of your day

21-Watch that girl, watch that scene

22-Dig in the Dancing Queen

23-You´re a teaser, you turn them off

24-Leave them burning and then you´re gone

25-Looking out for another, anyone will do

26-You´re in the mood for  coffee

27-And when you get the chance ...