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In response to an inquiry from a parishioner regarding the process of appointing a pastor, Msgr. Hannon and Dr. Little have responded for our common information.

The  transition to and appointment of a new pastor for any parish involves consultation with the parishioners, local staff, pastoral council, parish consultors and an inquiry with others including other local pastors and the Vicar bishop to understand the unique challenges and opportunities which the parish will address in the future.  These conversations are facilitated  through the Office of  Clergy personnel, which identifies likely priest-candidates who are screened through the Clergy personnel board (made up of pastors in the Archdiocese) and a recommendation is made to the Archbishop for the appointment of the new pastor.

As it progresses, the process is designed to be a prayerful and  thoughtful discernment of the Spirit’s will for the local church, inclusive of the people and pastoral concerns which will be the concern and charge of the pastor going forward from the pastor’s appointment.  All who are involved in this process are focused on providing to the parish a priest and pastor whose experience and readiness for the role matches the needs and readiness of the parish to live fully the gospel mission.  It is the goal of the Office of Clergy Personnel that the placement of a pastor for Our Lady of the Fields will happen by July 1, 2012, dependent on the new Archbishop’s date of appointment.

Thomas E Little, Ed.D., D.Min.

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