Position Title:            Parish Manager              

Parish:                        Our Lady of the Fields

FLSA Status:             Exempt

Reports To:               Pastor or Administrator

Position Summary:

The Parish Manager serves as a staff resource in support of the Pastor, fulfilling parish administrative needs in finance, buildings & grounds, and personnel. He/she directs these efforts with relevant expertise within a framework of shared ministry and Catholic values.

The Parish Manager serves in a key parish management position. Together, the Pastor, Associate Pastor(s), Deacon(s), and Parish Manager form the core management team that ensures that the pastoral and temporal needs of the parish are sustained.

Essential Functions:

Financial Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain accurate filing, recordkeeping and reporting system for all parish financial matters
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports, including financial statements, for parish and Archdiocese
  • Reconcile Bank statements monthly; analyze fees paid and interest earned and recommend changes as appropriate to insure maximum returns
  • Establish and maintain a cash flow management system with purchasing and payment schedules clearly defined
  • Prepare and administer the annual parish budget in collaboration with the Finance Committee, Pastor, and Pastoral Council. Conduct periodic reviews of budget (minimum bi-annually) and recommend adjustments as necessary.
  • Monitor collection, counting, recording, & depositing of parish revenue from all sources. Insure that adequate internal controls are in place and adhered to for the processing of all revenues.
  • Supervise parish Bookkeeper on all payroll, banking, tithing, and tax-related matters
  • Serve as a resource to parish organizations in all financial matters


Administrative Responsibilities

  • Direct the operation of the parish office. Schedule staff and insure adequate coverage for office functions. Insure that appropriate records are completed and maintained for payroll purposes and for the accurate accounting of leave taken and remaining leave balances.
  • Oversee the day-to-day operation of the cemeteries, including marketing and sales, recordkeeping and filing of deeds, cash management, contract negotiation, coordination with funeral directors and monument company representatives, maintenance of grounds and markers, required interface and document filing with county representatives, verification of burial rights, etc.
  • Oversee the compilation of required data for the annual Archdiocesan Consolidated Report; compile data and prepare and submit report annually according to established deadline.
  • Oversee operation of parish office computer and duplicating equipment
  • Oversee operation of parish website to insure that it is properly maintained and updated
  • Supervise or direct the maintaining of parish membership and sacramental records
  • Supervise staff: Maintenance workers, Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant, and others as determined by Pastor
  • Attend staff meetings, Parish Council meetings, and other committee meetings. Attend Archdiocesan meetings where appropriate for training and development.
  • Assist with the selection and hiring of personnel in collaboration with the Pastor and according to Archdiocesan (Human Resources and Office of Child and Youth Protection) policies; insure that all employees comply with OCYP requirements.


Facilities Management Responsibilities

  • Manage major repairs or new construction
  • Manage scheduling of all parish facilities to maximize utilization and control unnecessary expenses
  • Negotiate contracts with suppliers and construction firms
  • Coordinate liability and maintenance needs for all parish facilities
  • Prepare, administer, and communicate security policy to staff and parish organizations.


Parish Ministry Responsibilities

  • Understand the parish mission and administer parish business operations accordingly.
  • Participate in Archdiocesan training as directed by Pastor.
  • Understand Catholic social teaching and apply it in parish policies and procedures.
  • Maintain confidentiality in all areas of responsibilities as required.


Skills, Knowledge, and/or Abilities:

1.)        Financial Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of accounting and record keeping principles and practices.
  • Knowledge of cash flow management.
  • Knowledge and ability in budgetary principles and Archdiocesan regulations/procedures.
  • Ability to maintain accurate collection and deposit records.
  • Ability to communicate and offer assistance to a wide variety of parish staff & organizations.
  • Ability to represent the parish well in dealings with outside business and organizations.


2.)        Administrative Responsibilities

  • Ability to supervise clerical and administrative assistant positions. Working knowledge of computer operations and parish office equipment.
  • Knowledge of Archdiocesan record keeping requirements.
  • Ability to cooperatively work with small groups of volunteers.
  • Knowledge of personnel policies and procedures including Archdiocesan requirements.


3.)        Facilities Management Requirements

  • Ability to supervise maintenance staff; basic knowledge of parish physical plant equipment.
  • Knowledge of work contracts and purchasing guidelines.
  • Skills in developing facilities use schedule and the ability to communicate it to parish & staff.
  • Knowledge of current security technology and ability to communicate responsibilities to all.
  • Ability to work with small groups.


4.)        Parish Ministry Responsibilities

  • Knowledge of parish mission statement and ability to apply it to actual situations.
  • Ability to project a faith-filled presence.
  • Knowledge of Catholic social teaching and ability to apply it to actual situations.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.


Education, Training, and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, or related field
  • Minimum five years’ experience in financial or office management in a professional business setting
  • Minimum three years’ experience directly supervising staff
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office suite of products, particularly EXCEL
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Church and its mission
  • Experience from ministry efforts on parish committees and events preferred.


Working Environment

Evening work may be required, particularly to attend meetings of the Pastoral Council, Finance and other committees.